Pas encore: ready & waiting

It’s happening, but not yet.

When the Lord put the longing of serving in Paris in my heart, He put it as a burning flame. I wake up in the morning dreaming of my community there and go to sleep with prayers of safety and comfort for those in need.

Since graduating, life has gone completely different that I imagined and hallelujah for that. You see, there’s this crazy myth that graduating means I’m supposed to have my life together, a great career, impressive apartment and a checking account that allows for all the extras in life. ┬áThen there’s reality where getting by is celebrated and paying of student loans is priority. Where what’s in my checking account means nothing to me when I see a kid rummaging through trash on the side of the street. Where serving doesn’t just mean to the poor, but also to the wealthy, because let’s face it: we’re all in need of a Savior and we’re desperate to belong and to be loved. Where Paris will come, mais pas encore because where God has me right now is exactly where He wants me.

Trusting in the Lord is a journey in itself. It starts with humbling myself of my knowledge and ways, and understanding His goodness even when I don’t see his plan.

It’s rejoicing in each day because the Lord is faithful

and the Lion has conquered and hallelujah for that.

It’s giving up all I have to find all I’ll ever need is in Him.

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